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Title: Project - 700 image-heavy pages, hardcover, stitched binding...
Post by: Spinal on November 25, 2016, 01:08:32 AM

I have been running around from business to business and so far, I have found pricing estimates to see this project through to be rather prohibitive...

What I am looking at doing is printing and binding about 20 copies of a 700-page book with most pages involving color images, with photographs and art requiring printing with good detail.

Pages are 8.5x11.

Is there a DIY solution, and if not, what would you suggest, looking at the project at first glance.

Everything I have heard has suggested that even the printing I shouldn't attempt on my own, much less the binding.

I would like the books to have the feel and look of a thick encyclopedia, when considering the durability of the binding, the thickness of the covers, etc.  Detailed designs and imagery already made for the covers.